Pyers Services 2018 Limited are Nelson’s number one supplier and installer of membrane roofing products and waterproofing. We specialise in butynol roofing, butynol liners for water tanks & turf roofs, shelterseal & hydrepoxy systems. Our team are highly trained in a range of methods and products to produce the best finish for all torch-on membranes for roofing & tanking situations.

What Sets us Apart From The Rest?

Pride in our finished work:

We like to walk away at the end of a job knowing that we've done the best possible job. We concentrate on the small details as we know that this can be the difference between a project succeeding & it failing.

Knowledge & experience:

Our waterproofing applicators between them have over 50 years experience in the trade. Not just in the building industry but waterproofing. The ability to foresee potential pitfalls & to be able to offer & implement solutions is one of our strengths.

Trusted industry leading brands:

Here at Pyers Services 2018 Limited, we only use the best names in waterproofing for New Zealand conditions. This ensures that you will get a quality product that is made to last and stand the test of time. We are proud to be Nelson's number one supplier and installer of these waterproofing products, and trust in quality brands such as Ardex and Viking Roofspec.


Butynol is a synthetic rubber that is applied with a contact adhesive. It is a one layer system that is ideal for commercial or domestic roofing, gutters & deck areas. When applied correctly by certified installers to the NZ building code, manufacturer's specifications, and when good care is taken of it, the finished product can far exceed the 20 years warranty that Ardex offer.

The 1.0mm & 1.2mm butynol materials are typically used on roof areas, with the thicker 1.5mm material used on walk-out or deck areas. We can supply and install other colours on request. We supply and install the following Ardex Butynol products:

  • 1.0mm Black

  • 1.5mm Black

  • 1.2mm Dove Grey

  • 1.5mm Dove Grey

Pyers Services also supply and install butynol liners, which are a good option to look at when thinking about holding water (a water storage tank or pond) or keeping water out (roofs).

Vulcanized welded sheets can be manufactured to almost any size & shape. The water held in a butynol liner is 'potable' (drinking water) & the joints are impervious to root growth should a sod, turf or grass roof be desired. 

More information about this product can be found on Ardex's website.

View our butynol specifications

Learn how to care for your butynol

Shelterbit Torch-On

Shelterbit Torch-On is a modified bituminous membrane applied by open flame, and is composed of a plastomeric type modified bitumen membrane. This consists of a bituminous compound of distilled asphalt, modified with selected high grade visco-elastic polymers & reinforced with a combined reinforcement (polyester & fibreglass). Shelterbit products have good puncture resistance, elongational properties & will not deteriorate. Due to the product being open-flame applied it doesn't lend itself to application in tight spaces & consideration should be given to fire hazard also.

For roofing, a 'built-up' system is used, where we would apply two or more layers of the product. Roofs are typical of this system & generally we would recommend a three layer system consisting of two base layers and a mineral cap sheet to finish the surface. This mineral cap sheet comes in a variety of colours & is designed to give good UV stability to the membrane. Once complete, a built-up system provides excellent puncture resistance & unparalleled waterproofing.

For tanking, where there will be hydro-static pressure against a structure, we would recommend a one layer, 4mm, system. A torch-on system is the only product that is fully guaranteed to work in this situation. Heat welded laps form a homogenous joint & once completed the structure is effectively wrapped in a single membrane. This product has a sand or talc finish to it & should be protected from UV. 

To discuss particulars of a job get in touch so we can give an idea of potential costs involved. The torch-on material on it's own is cheaper than other products such as butynol, but is a lot more labour intensive to apply, so the cost may end up being close or slightly above that of butynol. 

More information about this product can be found on Ardex's website.


Shelterseal is a heavy duty 'peel & stick' bituminous membrane. Shelterseal 3000HD is a heavy duty damp proof course which is ideal for application to exterior below ground level walls, foundations & planter boxes. The 5000HD is the big brother of the two and has a reinforced polypropylene mesh surface which gives it exceptionally high mechanical characteristics & puncture resistance. Both products are cold applied & are therefore ideal for installation in restricted spaces. 

Shelterseal is for use only where there is sufficient free drainage of ground water. It is described as a heavy duty damp proof course & is a waterproof membrane but is not a 'tanking' & should not be used where there is a possibility of hydrostatic pressure.

More information about this product can be found on Ardex's website

FBS - Fibre Backed SuperSpan

Pyers Services Limited supply and install fibre backed synthetic rubber 'EPDM' membranes which are a cost effective solution for waterproofing large areas of roof. Made from a high performance synthetic EPDM rubber & combined with a polyester fibre backing, FBS has properties which resist heat, sunlight & ozone.

It has excellent gas impermeability & toughness & remains flexible at low temperatures, with high puncture, tear & impact resistance. It can be laid over surface with moisture content which means no delays with uncured slabs. Water vapour can dissipate without causing stress to the membrane. FBS is also a very good option for overlaying existing membranes.

Enviroclad - TPO Membrane

Viking Enviroclad offers absolute watertight integrity for low slope roofs. It is a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) waterproofing membrane which possesses all the necessary attributes of a world-class system from waterproofing, aesthetic and environmental perspectives.

Viking Enviroclad has been a proven performer. It has been tried and tested both internationally and locally, having been installed on over 3,000 buildings and homes across New Zealand. In fact it has been installed on the likes of Fonterra, Courier Post and the Ministry of Justice buildings to name a few. It can be installed as a system for low slope roofs, gutters and pond-liners.

The reduced seams with wider and longer rolls mean there are less seams on the finished roof. They are also very strong seams, that are heat welded to create a vulcanised, watertight finish. The high puncture resistance helps protect the building, and Enviroclad's elongation forgives building movement.

Enviroclad is UV resistant, so will withstand New Zealand’s harsh sunshine, and has high solar reflectivity. Viking Enviroclad comes in grey and white. Both offer high solar reflectivity which can result in energy savings. In fact, the white Enviroclad offers 92% solar reflectivity which will reduce the load on your air conditioning units! The aesthetic finish makes it look like it has been poured on. This was a very important factor in selecting Enviroclad for some Auckland apartment owners, as a number of occupants could see the roof from their windows.

More information about this product can be found on Viking Roofspec's website

Dec-K-Ing PVC Membrane

Viking's Dec-K-ing waterproofing membrane provides the ultimate underfoot finish and waterproofing to any deck. Originally designed for the marine industry, Viking Dec-K-ing is a single ply PVC reinforced with a polyester mesh. It is tried and tested for over 20 years in New Zealand and is the the perfect solution where a home or building features an internal deck. 

As a flexible vinyl sheet, this membrane is able to be moulded to tie into the design of the outdoor living area, ensuring the space is watertight. Building and home owners have been drawn to the fact that a finished, watertight, aesthetic deck need not be a hybrid of waterproofing membranes with floating timber or tile deck arrangements on top. Viking Dec-K-ing achieves everything in one system and its seams are heat welded at 460 degree celsius to achieve complete impermeability.

Viking Dec-K-ing is puncture resistant - it is made to withstand the deck surfaces of pleasure craft boats where fishing rods and anchors are present,

Viking Dec-K-ing is strong! The embossed PVC surface makes it forgive the kind of scraping and scuffing that comes from the movement of BBQs, pot plants, umbrella stands, tables and chairs to name a few. Viking Dec-K-ing has been withstanding New Zealands UV rays since the early 90s!

More information about this product can be found on Viking Roofspec's website

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