The Vent Shop is proud to be Nelson's leading resource for flue kits & home heating, installation & components. We are specialists in air movement for domestic & commercial projects and also supply and install industry leading condensation control systems, heat transfer kits & heat recovery systems.

Take a look round our shop and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know & we’ll do what we can to source it for you, and If you need something a bit different or to match in with something existing within your home we can manufacture to your requirements.

Heat Transfer Kits

Is your fire/heater generating excess heat?  If so, then a heat transfer system can transfer this heat to warm the other rooms in your home. Heat transfer systems work by having a solid-fuel source, such as a log burner, in one room and then the excess heat from this is pumped out & circulated to the other rooms via ducts & fans in the ceiling. It’s a great way of ensuring you use all the heat that is generated in your home.

The systems thermostat, a high quality ultecon digital controller ensures that only the excess heat is being transferred. Starting the system only once the temperature in the source room exceeds your pre-set limit. This ensures that the source room is kept at a pleasant temperature all the time. The systems are affordably priced & have very low running costs, using a similar amount of electricity as a 100-watt light bulb.  Heat transfer systems use an in-line fan & acoustic ducting, so they run quietly & unobtrusively. They can be installed into new or existing homes.

The Vent Shop also has a ‘summer-vent kit’ extension option. This draws fresher cooler air into your home via an inlet grille that is fitted under the soffit. The cooler air is filtered using a high efficiency F7 filter & is distributed throughout your home via the heat transfer kit outlets. The system is controlled via a standard wall switch.

New homes that are well insulated and air tight as a result of double glazing and high levels of insulation and modern construction methods are better suited to a heat recovery & exchange system. Check out our Heat Recovery & Exchange Systems.

Condensation Control

Moisture in your home is produced from cooking, breathing, washing and showering and is absorbed into your soft furnishings and walls. During the heat of the day the moisture is evaporated into the air but when the house cools it often forms as condensation on colder surfaces like windows. This is a daily cycle and whilst this cannot be stopped it is able to be controlled by replacing the moist air with drier air. A mechanical ventilation system will remove the excess moisture from your home replacing the air with drier, filtered fresh air. The air in your home will be fresher and healthier, even if you have your windows closed.

This system sources a fresher drier air supply from roof cavity. For every cubic metre of fresh dry air introduced, a cubic metre of moist stale air is pushed out. This stale air escapes through the gaps and tiny openings in your home & is therefore better suited to older homes or homes with single glazing & minimal insulation. Check out our Positive Air Pressure Systems.

Flues & Fire Componentry

The Vent Shop carries a full range of roof flashings, aprons, cowls & spiders. If we don’t happen to have what you need in stock, we’ll bend over backwards to get it in for you. If it’s something odd-ball that you need, no problem, our sheetmetal shop can manufacture to your exact requirements.

One offs for that old fireplace, or bulk flue supply for trade installers? We’ve got your flue needs covered. Tired of losing heat up into the roof-space through that gap around the flues?  Enquire about our eco-flue kits.

Grilles, Ducting & Fliters

We stock weathertight grilles for external use, ornamental grilles for internal use where aesthetics is to be considered, and plain white grilles to cover an extract duct. The Vent Shop also provides a large range of ducting including acoustic, flexi, semi-rigid aluminium, custom-fabricated galvanised and stainless steel. We can supply whatever ducting you require. If you’re not sure what sort of ducting you need, feel free to get in touch & we can help you out. The Vent Shop also stocks a full and comprehensive range of filters which suit most air filtering systems and we can install these units.


We are able to supply a large range of fans for domestic situations, shower & bathroom extraction fans, kitchen extraction fans & all the bits & pieces to go with them. We also specialise in design, manufacture & installation of commercial extraction systems. Think you’ll need a system for your business? Get in touch today & find out what we can offer you.

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