The Vent Shop is a proud supplier and installer of 2 leading brands of positive air pressure systems, SmartVent and MoistureMaster. These systems draw fresh air into your home in order to provide a safer and healthier living environment.


SmartVent Positive Pressure ventilation systems draw fresher, drier air into your home from either the roof cavity or outside. This air is then passed through a high efficiency filter and introduced into your home. This introduced air forces out the moist, stale air that causes condensation, mould and mildew.

Fresh air can be drawn into the home from two sources - directly outside or from the warmer, drier part of your roof space. An advanced centrifugal fan draws air through SmartVent's F7 pleated filter. SmartVent ventilation systems are easily upgradeable - your system can grow if you add rooms or increase your family. 

This process positively pressurises your home, forcing out moist stale air through gaps in windows and doors or through special exhaust vents. Continually cycling your home with fresh, dry air removes air borne toxins, harmful pollutants, dust and dust mites. The centrifugal fan offers optimum airflow ventilation and can cost as little as 1c* per hour to run. *Based on a 22c per kW/hr electricity cost and subject to consumer settings and fan speed selected.

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A MoistureMaster positive pressure system sources a fresher drier air supply from either the roof cavity or (with summer option) from outside the home, filters it and then gently introduces this air throughout the home. 

For every cubic metre of fresh dry air introduced a cubic metre of moist stale air is forced out. This stale air escapes through the gaps and tiny openings in your home.

This type of system suits almost every home & budget & can even be installed where there is no roof cavity - they can even be installed outside of the home.

The Vent Shop also has a ‘summer-vent kit’ extension option. This draws fresher cooler air into your home via an inlet grille that is fitted under the soffit. The cooler air is filtered using a high efficiency F7 filter & is distributed throughout your home via the heat transfer kit outlets. The system is controlled via a standard wall switch.

Please check out our frequently asked questions for more information.


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