The Vent Shop is a proud supplier and installer of 2 leading brands of heat recovery and exchange systems, SmartVent and MoistureMaster. These systems take the existing excess heat from within your home and use it to warm the incoming fresh air, creating a safer and healthier living environment for you and your family.


SmartVent Synergy is an Energy Recovery Ventilation system capable of extracting stale, moisture-laden air from inside your home and bringing in fresher, drier air simultaneously. Synergy is a completely balanced system, that recovers and re-uses the energy from the warm air extracted from within your home. An extremely energy efficient way to re-use heat you have already paid for. A SmartVent Synergy Energy Recovery system will use the warm air you have paid for, say to heat the lounge, pass it through an advanced energy recovery converter and warm the fresh dry air from outside before moving it to rooms that need it most.

Our Energy Recovery Ventilation system is very different from other HRV systems. Firstly, it’s balanced; capable of extracting stale, moisture-laden air from inside your home and bringing in fresh drier air simultaneously.

Secondly, and best of all, Synergy is an energy recovery system that recovers and reuses energy from the warm air extracted from your home. Open fires, gas fires*, wood burners, heat pumps and most other heating appliances are all suitable for use with Synergy.*Where gas appliances are used for the main heat source, please refer to the installation company for advice.

Please check out our frequently asked questions for more information.


MoistureMaster HX is the new innovative heat recovery & heat exchange unit. This system takes the existing heat within the home & uses it to warm the incoming fresh, drier unheated air. For just a few cents a day the HX unit can achieve a heat recovery rate of up to a staggering 90% efficiency. You now have the luxury of a forced air ventilation system to control condensation & in addition a warm dry air supply, even on those freezing winter nights.  No more cold air being introduced to your home.  Heat exchange ventilation can be used in tandem with most primary heat sources like flued gas heaters, pellet fires, log burners & wood fires. The MoistureMaster HX system is changing the way New Zealanders ventilate & heat their homes. Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Size: The HX system is much smaller than other units but delivers more.
  • Roof cavity exhaust options: The HX can be set to extract the warmth from the roof cavity when available whilst sourcing the drier fresh air from outside.
  • Built-in supplementary heater: The HX includes a built-in heater to warm the air.
  • The new “cost control program” (CCP): The CCP means you can choose a monthly budget for the heater operation. It even tells you exactly what the heater is costing you to operate.
  • Summer ventilation: The HX can be fitted with an “external bypass” for cooler summer ventilation.
  • Aluminium plate exchanger: The aluminium plate exchanger is long lasting & is superior to plastic or paper based exchangers.
  • Best fan technology: The fans for the HX system are mounted externally. This allows options when it comes to fan choice & duct sizes. The new ETALINE fan is ideal for the HX heat recovery system.

Please check out our frequently asked questions for more information.

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